The Benefits And Perks Of Having An IPhone

Richard Vanderhurst - The Benefits And Perks Of Having An IPhone

The iPhone is far more powerful than an ordinary phone, but you may not know everything about this device. To learn of how to make the most of the iPhone, read on.

Don’t forget to update your phone as new updates become available. Keeping your phone updated guarantees that your software is the latest version, which offers updates as well as other options This causes you to make certain that all pictures and important data are stored elsewhere so that if your phone gets damaged, you will not lose everything.

On Safari, you can save images from Safari or Mail very easily if you know how to do it. Simply touch and hold on an image that you want to save. A box pops up after this period of time prompting you to save any image on your iPhone.

There is a calculator tool in the iPhone that easily lets you add, subtract or multiply something very quickly. When you hold your calculator vertical it is standard, but when horizontal it shifts into a scientific calculator.

The Safari browser in your phone is fully-functional and can do anything you could on a regular computer, including saving Internet pictures. All you need to do is tap and hold a picture you’d like to preserve when you come across it online. The context menu pops up, and you can save the picture to the Camera Roll on your phone. It can even be used in a message.

Update your iPhone firmware constantly. This make the device more usable and your battery’s life longer. Updating your firmware is as easy as having iTunes installed on your computer and syncing the iPhone with it. You can also connect your iPhone with iCloud to your computer.

Now that you’re informed, you should know that you can use your iPhone for more than you did before. Just remember all these tips next time you use your iPhone.

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