Great Iphone Tips For Someone Looking To Get Some Tricks

Richard Vanderhurst_Great Iphone Tips For Someone Looking To Get Some Tricks

The iPhone has changed the way many people live their everyday lives, much to the surprise of those who were expecting a simple phone. If you wish to take full advantage of the possibilities presented by this device, education is necessary. Start below with some of these smart ideas and tips, and you’ll be one step closer to mastering your device.

Scroll with either one finger or two when you read a webpage on your iPhone. If the webpage has more than one box, using one finger allows you to scroll just one box. To scroll down the whole page, use two fingers.

Most iPhone users take a lot of photographs. It can be difficult, however, to learn how to easily sort through the many different pictures you’ve taken. Organize your photos by utilizing the iPhone’s album feature, and you will always know where to find your photos quickly and easily. This can make it a lot easier to location specific photos.

Sometimes the AutoCorrect suggestion feature can become a nuisance. When you’re writing and it keeps popping up, don’t hit “X” to get rid of it. Simply tap anywhere to get rid of this box.

In its default setting, your iPhone will highlight incoming messages on its lock screen. You may like this feature, or you may hate it. If this annoys you, you should know that you can turn this feature off. First, go to Settings, then Notifications, then Messages. Show Preview is the option you want to turn off.

Have you missed an opportunity to get a great picture because your camera application was too slow to ramp up? Luckily, there is a shortcut that will help to speed things up. With your screen in the locked position, double tap your Home button. Look for the camera icon at the screen bottom. Choose this button to take high-quality pictures on your iPhone.

Always make sure your OS is upgraded to the most recent version. The iPhone has become as sophisticated as many computers. Occasionally, the operating system needs to have fixes and security updates downloaded to protect it. Updates are especially important if you use or access personal information while on your phone.

Make sure the firmware is updated on your iPhone. This increases both your iPhone’s functionality and the battery life. Update firmware by putting iTunes on your computer, then synchronizing the iPhone to the computer. Or, you can connect your iPhone to your computer through iCloud.

Your iPhone can take pictures without needing to be shaken. You can simply use the volume controls on your headphones. Being by framing the picture that you want to take. This is a very convenient feature. Simply use the buttons on the cord when you want to take a photo.

When you go to your Sounds menu you can choose to have the feature that controls whether your keystrokes will make sound as either off or on. These clicks help you know that the phone is picking up every tap you make, helping you lessen your mistakes.

If you’d like to make emailing and texting on your phone more simple, just create an AutoText shortcut for anything you type frequently. Using this feature will save you a great deal of time when texting common phrases or inserting email addresses. This feature can be located in the iPhone’s keyboard settings area.

The Safari browser offers the ability to access sites without having to type .com as an extension. If you wanted to visit the Target’s website for example, you need only type Target in the address bar and you should be directed to the site.

Select a ringtone that you love, this makes your iPhone more personal. Surely you would like to stand apart from those who use stock ringtones. You can either upload a great song or sound byte you enjoy. That will turn heads when your iPhone rings.

Do not waste time with suggested words on your iPhone. When you are typing a note or email and want to turn off the suggestions, press anywhere on the screen to get rid of the suggestion box. Doing so will save you having to hit the “x” at the conclusion of each word.

Make sure you are reserved when it comes to the number of apps you are installing. There are so many wonderful iPhone apps, some of which are free, while others that cost money. Some of these apps can be untrustworthy, stealing your information and charging you money without your knowledge.

When you are on your iPhone device, you will sometimes get reminders that you do not want. It may be important that you finish your work before you deal with the notification. You can easily dismiss notifications. All you have to do is give the notification pop-up a quick swipe with your fingertip and it’ll disappear.

While it’s easy to get through websites, it can be a hassle to scroll back to the top. Luckily, there is no need for this. You can go straight back to the beginning of a web page by tapping the status bar (where the clock appears) on top of the screen. This works for other long screens (like iTunes lists) too.

Don’t freak out if your iPhone freezes up. First, give the sleep/wake control a try. Then, try pressing Wake/Sleep and Home at the same time. This does a hard reset on your phone and will restart it after a little while.

You can mark your unread email using a specific command in your iPhone. Go to Details, click on Unread and re-open your emails. They will appear as unread.

Set up word shortcuts on your iPhone to type more efficiently. Go to settings – general – keyboard – add new shortcut. Put in acronyms or abbreviations to phrases and words you use. When these shortcuts are typed, the words will automatically be put in.

People are often amazed at first by what their new iPhone can help them accomplish. However, there are many different functions available. The information provided here can help you get far more from the iPhone then you imagined.

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