IPad Tips That Will Benefit Your Needs

Richard Vanderhurst_IPad Tips That Will Benefit Your Needs

Oprah says that iPad is one of the best things ever invented. If you are new to the device, you may not know how to decide which features would be useful and how the device can make your life easier. This article will equip you with some great insider tips that will help you use your iPad.

Prior to showing someone how to use Safari, take a look at the history on your iPad. There might be something on the browser that you would like to keep private. When you start a Safari session, the browser fetches the most recent page you were browsing, so go to the Disney site if you’re going to show grandma how your iPad works.

Do you wish it were easier to access your Internet bookmarks? All you need to do is turn on your bookmark bar. Just click on Settings, then Safari, then turn on Always Show the Bookmarks Bar.

Are you sick of typing? Use the feature for dictation instead. Click on the microphone symbol and say your text into the device. Click the microphone a second time to translate your words into text.

Podcasts can be passed on to family and friends without much effort. You can even do it while you are still listening to the podcast. Simply press the Email button while the podcast is playing. You’ll be able to choose who to send it to right then and there.

The iPad can be instantly muted. The original iPad did not have a mute button. Now the lock switch can be used to mute the iPad. Hold down the volume-down button to mute your iPad.

Be sure to set up “Find My iPad” so that you can find the iPad if you misplace it. Doing this will permit you to locate your iPad; it will also make it possible for you to remotely delete information stored on it. You might think it is a hassle, but it can help you recover a lost iPad.

A power outlet isn’t necessary to restore your tablet to full power. You can also charge it from a USB device. You could charge it with your netbook or laptop when on the go.

Is a noisy app driving you nuts? You can quickly mute the volume by pressing the volume-down button. If you are using iOS 4.3 or later, it is possible to make the toggle switch near the volume control mute your iPad.

Say you don’t want to leave your home screen, but you do want to move from app-to-app. All you have to do is double-click your Home button to see which apps are running. To get to the app that you need to switch over to, simply click on it. Do this again if you want to get back to where you originally were.

It is possible to view a PDF in two ways. You can sync your iPad and iTunes by putting the PDF in iTunes, or you can simply email it to yourself. Use both methods until you figure out which one you prefer. You may like both methods depending on what your needs are at the time.

You might not believe that you have to do it, but giving your iPad security features is always a good idea. If you happen to lose it, you wouldn’t want those with nefarious intentions having access to your personal information. So, take the necessary precautions to keep your info safe.

It is not necessary to tap the camera roll to look at your pictures. Simple swipe right with a single finger and you will see your video or photo. To look at your previous pictures, swipe your finger to the left.

Have you thought about connecting your TV to your iPad? There is a separate adapter that allows you to connect the two devices. The AV digital adapter will do this, or you can also use the VGA Apple adapter. Both are fine.

The default setting on the iPad is to preview two lines of each new email before you select it. In some cases, you may want to see more before you open it. To change this, you’ll need to open Settings, and then press on Mail. Select Contacts under Mail, then select Calendar to alter the options for additional lines in Preview mail.

Have you seen a bit of lag in your iPad recently? Have you cleared out old data and yet it’s not getting any faster? You may think about adding your data to the cloud so you can have more free space. For most people, that helps the iPad to be speedy and smooth once more.

You can get to all the running apps on your tablet. Press the Home button twice and a bar with the running apps will appear. Tapping on an app in this bar will allow you to easily switch focus to that particular app. Just swipe your finger down to get rid of the bar.

The iPad is fantastic because it is user-friendly. Aside from the touch screen, there is basically one button. Play around with your iPad and you can discover some cool things. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you can do with it.

Taking screenshots on an iPad is easy. Just depress the HOME button followed by the SLEEP/WAKE button. You’ll see a flash and hear a clicking noise. That tells you the photo has been snapped. Screenshots automatically go into your photo gallery.

The iPad comes already loaded with applications you may not find useful. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to remove these apps completely from the device. You can put them away in a folder and they will not get in your way. Place the apps you use the most where you will be able to access them quickly.

Now that you’ve read the above article, you’re prepared to start using the iPad. To take advantage of everything the iPad has to offer, use the advice provided in this article. Find out everything there is to know to make your investment worth it.

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