Does Your IPad Work The Way You Want It? – Try These Tips

People who have iPad experience are not at all surprised with the high ratings and wild popularity iPad enjoys. That said, just using an iPad doesn’t mean that you are aware of all the things it can do. Continue reading to get some terrific advice about how to maximize your own iPad experience.

There is a way to locate your iPad if it becomes misplaced. Just go to your iPad’s Settings and then click on iCloud. Under the area labeled “Find My iPad,” enter your Apple ID and make sure the function is enabled. That way, if you lose your iPad, you simply have to go to

Listening to music on your iPad is great, but have you heard about podcasts? These audio programs last in length from a few minutes to a couple of hours, and are available on a number of topics. When you don’t want to listen to music, or wish to learn something, try a podcast instead. You will definitely be able to find a subject that interests you.

Your folders are now supported with iOS. To start, just tap and hold the tap on your desired application, wait for it to jiggle, then drag the app to a different icon and release. The folder that is created will be named with the category of the applications that are inside it. You can rename the folder whatever you want.

Would you like to take a screenshot of something? It’s easier than you might think. Press the Home button and then press your Sleep/Wake button. It will flash and the screenshot will be taken. Every screen shot saves automatically, so you need not worry about then saving them.

Make sure that you take care of your iPad at all times. Try to move your device out of the sun and heat, as this can cause burnout. The battery will begin to degrade in extreme heat. Don’t let it get wet either. Be sure to buy a specially designed cover to protect your iPad when not in use.

It is easy to access your running apps on the iPad. Press the Home button twice and a bar with the running apps will appear. It is easy to switch to an app by tapping it on the bar. Swipe downwards to hide the bar again.

The iPad’s default setting shows two lines of every email prior to it being opened. It is helpful sometimes to get a preview of the email contact. Navigate to Settings and select Mail. Go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendar to adjust Preview Mail Options to add more lines.

An iPad Smart Cover is a key investment in the life of your device. It serves a number of functions. First, it can be used on the iPad to put it to sleep by placing it over your screen. These covers attach to your iPad using magnets. The cost is only about $40, so it’s a worthy investment.

Are you aware of your ability to use your own Google calendar on the iPad? You do this by visiting your settings menu and going to calendars. Choose Add Account and select Other as the type. Choose the Add CalDAV option, and then you can input your account information.

iPads can process PDF files. The iPad can view PDF’s as well as sync them with other devices. This functionality is useful for many users, whether you are a businessperson, worker, or student.

Is your iPad screen getting scratched? While the iPad can take quite a bit of damage, if you start to notice small scratches, then it may be time to put a protector on your device. This protects the iPad, but it also keeps your fingers from getting tiny cuts.

Does it seem like a pain to tap on the bookmarks icon every time you want to access your favorite websites? You can eliminate this annoyance by turning the bookmarks bar on permanently. Search out Safari within the Settings menu. Change the Always Show Bookmarks to On and you’re done.

You need to take good care of your iPad since it is such a big investment. Get a screen protection if you plan on transporting your iPad. Screen protectors are simply thin plastic and give you more protection. When you clean your iPad screen, use a little water on a soft cloth. Refrain from using any household or window cleaners when cleaning your iPad.

You can’t go from day to day by simply swiping the calendar function. Select the date you want to see by using the navigation bar instead. The current date will be blue, allowing you to easily notice it.

Your email signature comes factory-set to a standard iPad message. This can create a very boring signature every time you send something. You can personalize it to something different. Choose Mail in your settings, then Contacts, Calendar and Signature; this is where you can change it.

It is possible to copy text and then paste it. Press and hold the text and press Select. Tap again when the text has been highlighted in yellow, and then choose copy. You can paste, then, by pressing, then holding, and choosing “paste”.

Go to the apps that you usually run easier and quicker. Press home twice and the bar will appear. This can save you time when switching between apps because you don’t have to go back to the home screen and navigate to the app.

Get to the sounds under general settings if your side buttons aren’t performing their functions. Turn Change with Buttons On if need be. You can also use the volume slider here to fine-tune your volume.

You can use the Google Maps app in order to utilize Street View. Search for an address. A red pin will appear on your map. Just tap the pin, the person icon, and then you will be in street view.

Your first exposure to an iPad can leave you in awe. For anyone interested in making this device part of their daily life, some time spent learning about its true potential is in order. Putting the information provided here to good use will ensure that you will enjoy your iPad experience daily.

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