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Use Your Iphone The The Way It Was Meant To Be Used

What are iPhone apps and how can they help you? Well, thankfully you stumbled onto some great information because the article below will show lots of neat little tips about iPhone apps that will help your experience using this phone. They may help you streamline not just your iPhone usage but even your whole life.

Would you like to have backup for the contacts on your iPhone device? The iDrive Lite app will let you easily share and restore your contacts. It is a completely free app if you are running iOS 2.0!

It is important to be able to use the shortcuts on your phone to help you complete tasks more efficiently. It’s pretty common knowledge that any word can be selected automatically by double-tapping it. Are you aware of the fact that you can also do this with paragraphs? Tap four times to select the paragraph. This is much speedier than cutting and pasting.

When viewing webpages, you can scroll with either one or two fingers. If the site you’re visiting in split up into boxes, using just one finger will let you scroll through a single box at a given time. Two fingers will allow scrolling through the whole page.

Connect your phone to your computer to access saved schedules. This allows you to see your schedule and commitments on the go, rather than being tethered to your computer. If you have a lot of important events for school or work, this can be a very beneficial function.

If you want to stay on top of your email, tag your account to your iPhone. This will allow you to receive a notification when an email message is received and allows you to instantly view the message from your phone. You can tag email from one account or more than one account so that you receive notifications on your iPhone that you’ve received email.

Maximizing the use of your iPhone will only come if you master all of the tricks of the phone. One of which being eliminating emails you do not want with the simple swipe of your finger. If you swipe your finger across the message it will automatically pull up a box that will allow you to delete it immediately.

As with a lot of smartphones, the iPhone allows you to see a visual indication of your incoming messages and calls. If you want to have a silent notification, the iPhone’s LED camera can be set to blink whenever you receive a call and/or message. In the Settings menu, go to General, then to Accessibility. Then all you do is turn on the setting for LED Flash Alerts.

Use the button on your headphone cord to snap a picture with your iPhone. First, set up the picture you wish to snap. Once you’re ready to take a picture, simply press down on the button on your cord. You have now taken a photo using your headphone cord. If you want to save it, just do what you would normally do to save a photo.

If you are placing a call on your iPhone and wish to withhold your phone number, you can do so with a simple settings tweak. First, access the Settings screen and select the Phone button. Next, tap the Show Caller ID button; it should now be disabled. You can also use it for a reminder of your phone’s number in case you forget.

Use your iPhone to connect through social media to all of your friends. Your iPhone has apps available for both Facebook and Twitter. Twitter actually is built right into the most recent operating system. Use the social apps to get instant news and updates to know what everyone in the world is doing first.

Are you messaging the same people frequently? You can easily save these text numbers in the favorites area. Use your call lists, including your recent calls and favorites, to text people in addition to calling them. Just tap the arrow by a contact in either list, and choose “text message.” This is a quick way to return calls or texts.

Be choosy about which apps you download to your iPhone. Because Apple approves apps before they are listed in iTunes, most apps out there, both free and paid, are really useful. Some applications engage in unscrupulous data mining practices or charge you hidden fees.

It’s not commonly known how simple it can be to save pictures from Safari or Mail. The images in these apps can be saved by simply touching them and holding down your finger for a short amount of time. A screen should pop up and ask you to either save the image, or cancel.

If your screen freezes, tap and hold the Home button for about five seconds. This reboots your phone so that it is fresh and ready to use again. If that does not work, hold the “home” and power button at the same time for 12 seconds. This should be used only in the event that the first doesn’t work.

When using Safari, you can make a phone call with a single tap. Suppose you are using the Internet to locate a pharmacy near your home. When you find a number, you don’t have to go back to the phone menu to call. Just press the number; you then connect to the place you are trying to call.

Study all of the Apple tutorials that you can if you desire to get better at using the iPhone. The tutorials offer step by step instructions on how to use your iPhone. Whenever you are unsure, go to the tutorials, and you will soon have a phone to exactly meet your needs.

After reading this article, your ability to put the iPhone to use in personal ways that can really improve your daily living should be exponentially improved. You can use what you have read in this article to start enjoying your iPhone and using it to accomplish tasks more easily in your life.

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