The Ins And Outs Of Using An Iphone

Richard Vanderhurst_The Ins And Outs Of Using An Iphone

Many want to own an iPhone and get the best deal out of it. Questions about the iPhone often abound. Where to get one? What apps are best to use? Which model of the iPhone provides the greatest value? Look to the tips below to answer some of the questions that you may have about how best to maximize your iPhone experience.

If you wish to send your message or draft a note but do not want to utilize corrected words, there is no need to touch the “x” to get rid of them. Instead, tap your screen anywhere, and instantly, the box will vanish.

Make sure to put the warranty, or guarantee, in a place you will be able to find it. Pay that extra few bucks for insurance, too. You should be almost fully protected with both the warranty and a decent insurance policy. Protect your iPhone from damage caused by dropping it by using a protective case.

Many people do not know that they can make their iPhone visually show their incoming messages and calls. There are plenty of options you can select here to give you an indicator. For example, your iPhone’s flash can go off if the message is important. Simply visit the “settings” area, go to “general”, then select “accessibility.” Then all you do is turn on the setting for LED Flash Alerts.

Update your iPhone firmware constantly. This make the device more usable and your battery’s life longer. Firmware can be updated by connecting the phone to your computer after you’ve uploaded iTunes. Another option is to just use your iCloud application to allow your phone and computer to communicate with each other.

If you want weather reports every hour, you can go right to your iPhone’s Weather application. You can simply select the local weather and it will show you a breakdown of the next 12 hours. Siri can also provide you with a forecast for several hours.

You may run into a problem in which you are unable to power up your iPhone by pressing its Sleep/Wake button. Fortunately, a hard reset remedies the problem. You will want to press the home key and the sleep button at the same time. In a few seconds, the device will shut itself down and automatically restart itself.

Incoming messages are previewed on the iPhone lock screen by default. Some people like this, but others don’t. This feature can be disabled easily to reduce your stress. Simply go to the settings menu area and click on notifications and then messages. The option to select is Show Preview; you can then turn off this feature.

Set up some word shortcuts to type quickly on an iPhone. From the “settings” menu, go to “general, then to “keyboard”, and from there to “add new shortcut.” You can use acronyms and abbreviations as shortcuts for words and phrases that you use often. When these shortcuts are typed, the words will automatically be put in.

To save a message that you are working on for later on an iPhone, just tap Cancel. You will then be given the option to Save your work. If you hit Save, your message is saved under Drafts. The iPhone makes it easy by creating a Drafts folder for you, if you do not already have one in place.

As an iPhone owner, be sure to utilize all of the phone’s multimedia capabilities. You can use the iPhone to view your favorite movie or television show.

Are you wondering about what you have put in iMessage? Has Auto Correct negatively altered the body of your message? There is an easy way to fix this; just shake your iPhone. Any recent typing is instantly erased. This feature is optional and needs to be enabled if you wish to use it.

One of the best things about owning an iPhone is that it allows you to use practically any sound as a ringtone. The standard ringtones blend in with other Iphone users and makes you just one of the crowd. Upload a favorite song or a cool sound byte. This will help you to easily identify when your phone is ringing.

You can hear keyboard clicks while you type by turning the sounds on in the “sounds” screen of your phone. The audible click helps you ensure that your phone is picking up what you are typing.

Has the perfect shot ever escaped you because you were not able to open up your camera app quickly enough? Try this easy and quick shortcut. While you have the screen locked, quickly touch Home button two times. There will a little camera icon in the bottom right hand corner. Finally, just tap on the camera and your camera should work immediately for your use.

The icons that are displayed on the bottom screen of your iPhone can be changed when you listen to music. Just tap on the “settings” button and select the “add more icons” option. You will be able to create many different icons and access your favorite songs, albums, genres or artists through these personalized icons.

Be sure to keep your iPhone’s operating system up to date. Due to the iPhone’s complexity, patches and fixes are frequently made available to address security and functionality issues. These updates are vital to keep your phone in top running order.

Here’s a tip for saving time when it comes to your iPhone’s suggested words function. You can tap the screen if you don’t want it to suggest anything to you. You do not need to click the x that appears next to the word every time.

Protect your iPhone form sun exposure. If you leave your iPhone out in the sun for hours, you might ruin it for good. The heat, especially during the summer, can seriously damage your iPhone.

Now that you have gone through the preceding paragraphs, you should have a better idea of the ins and outs of owning an iPhone. Do more research, download some apps and take the time to change all the settings of your iPhone to personalize it and make it more useful.

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